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You and your neighbor don't have the same water treatment issues, so why would we treat them the same? With Mettert's WaterCare, we provide specialized water treatment services that can be adapted to suit your family's needs.

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Contaminant Reduction System

ONE™ Contaminant Reduction System - Get The Most Out Of Your Filter

The carbon block cartridge option for the ONE filter extends the life of your filter or softener, and aids in removing more contaminants like lead, cysts, and PFOA/PFOS chemicals. Pairing this solution with one of our advanced WaterCare products will also double the certification of the filter.

Our systems monitor the water treated by the ONE filter, therefore extending the certified capabilities. When you include one of our other water treatment units, not only will you get the added benefits of better water, you will also save by half on cartridge replacements of your ONE filter.

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In-Line Cartridge Filters – For Every Home & Every Situation


The WaterCare line offers a comprehensive line of filters and accessories that can be customized to suit any home and any water issue. Whether you're choosing filters in addition to a water treatment system or using them on their own, our filters reliably collect unwanted impurities, assuring your family the pure water they deserve!

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