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In-Home Consultation

We know you want your family to have the best water. The first step to treating your home's water is finding out what's in it. In order to for us to provide you with the quality water your family needs, a water test will take place. Our professional water experts are here to take care of your water treatment needs with an in-home consultation.

What can you expect from an in-home water consultation?

  1. Basic questioning about your water and the effects it has on your home.
    • Does your water have a foul smell or taste?
    • Do you have staining on your laundry and fixtures?
    • Are there hard water spots on your dishes?
  2. Current equipment will be assessed if you have a system in the home already.
  3. A "raw" water sample will be collected from an outside waterspout before it goes through the home.
  4. Odor evaluation will be performed on your water by the consultant.
  5. Water samples will be collected inside the home from the bathroom, kitchen or both.
  6. Testing the water samples will take place using the kit brought by our expert. As they go through each test, they will explain what they’re looking for, give you the results, and detail exactly what those results mean.
  7. A review and recommendations will be made by our experts.
  8. Evaluating space in the basement or garage allows the consultant to determine where equipment can be installed.

If preferred, you can bring in a sample to the office for testing. Stop in to pick up your sterile container and instruction guide for how to get the most reliable sample of your water.

How to Collect Your Own Water Sample

  1. Wash your hands with soap and warm water.
  2. Take the sample from a cold water tap. Use a tap without a screen or remove the screen before you collect the sample.
  3. Let the cold water run constantly for at least 2 minutes before you collect the sample.
  4. Hold the bottle near the base of the tap to get the sample. Fill it past the 200 mL mark (to the shoulder of the bottle). Do not overfill the bottle.
  5. Put the cap on the bottle right away. Make sure the cap is secure, but do not overtighten it.

The sample needs to be as fresh as possible since it takes time to get it to the lab. Collect the sample just before you leave to drop it off. This is important because if the sample arrives at the lab more than 24 hours after it’s collected, it will not be processed.

For more information on what to expect from a free in-home water consultation visit Free In-Home Water Quality Consultations - What Can You Expect?


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